My educational degrees including the study of traditional Chinese medical theory have led me to serve many cultures with whom I have interacted throughout my life’s journey. My employment using western psychology enabled me to bring together eastern and western medical theory. I use this knowledge combined with my clairvoyance to bring greater clarity to the understanding of the functions of the body and how it has and does affect one’s health and life. I am committed to serving humanity using my gift of clairvoyance.

For “What I Do”

By joining together these two philosophies and the gift of clairvoyance the universal energy shows me all the details one needs to know about your overall health. You do not need to be physically present for me to “see” the health of your body. What you will receive is a description of a mind/body assessment without the labeling or diagnosis. This greater insight and knowledge will help you to understand how and when your ailments were sourced and why a physical part of your body is reacting the way it does. Moreover, the detailed description that comes through the scanning of your being permits you to become more responsible for your own health. Consultations can be performed via phone or email. I am here for you.

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