There is no greater time provided than now to inquire about the well-being and health of your body. At this time in this world conflict is occurring. Insincerity, false statements, and lies have been conveyed when it comes to imparting information to the people regarding their health. The so-called experts of the human body have come up short on reason and answers to benefit the great people of this earth. There is no better time for you the reader, to feel a sense that you must become more empowered and responsible for your life and especially health and well-being. This makes it even more urgent for you at this time to inquire and act regarding the truth connected to your health.

Take for example the great interaction between a child and a parent, even between two adults, who may have differences of opinion. Quite often we see the parent always wins because the child is forbidden to speak their mind. When one no longer has the freedom to express oneself their own contrary thoughts and feelings develop much deeper and more intense than the differences of opinions. Thoughts and feelings transform energetically. Over a period of time these thoughts and feelings become lodged and begin to transform the physical body into ailments and further complications known as disease. Unattended thoughts and feelings of anger, resentment and stress are examples of emotional heat that transforms the functions within the body. In reference to the angry, resentful child mentioned above the great missing portion is distress in the invisible consciousness that triggers a pathological journey that affects the mind/body connection; the part that created all this; the part that we define as the child not gaining his wish due to a lack of parental explanation and therefore forming the symptoms of energetic heat. Abdominal distension, acid re-flux, poor digestion, anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, agitation, restlessness, excessive talking, and constipation are just a few examples of such energetic imbalance within the body. Does this mean the child is physically hot? No. It means that the signs and symptoms of heat creates more energy and excess functions and disturbances of he physical body. In this world there is no machine that can observe these energetic dysfunctions hidden within the chemistry of the body.

It is unfortunate that only what is seen in the manifestation of the the physical body is treated as the only thing that exist. Only a few individuals have the eye, perception, and the clairvoyance to see more deeply within the physical human body and have the ability to connect the health and well-being that exists between the psychological and physical body. All this came from the interrelationship between two people and how those feelings are placed into balance or imbalance. This is what creates these health issues. It is only through a medical intuitive such as myself that can connect all the dots and missing pieces to inform you as to why, where, and how this came about in your own life.

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My educational degrees including the study of traditional Chinese medical theory have led me to serve many cultures with whom I have interacted throughout my life’s journey.  My employment using western psychology enabled me to bring together eastern and western medical theory.  I use this knowledge combined with my clairvoyance to bring greater clarity to the understanding of the functions of the body and how it has and does affect one’s health and life.  I am committed to serving humanity using my gift of clairvoyance.


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